Matthew Ellis


Prosser, Washington

As Superintendent of Prosser School District, Matthew Ellis is committed to inspiring the next generation of educational leaders. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Matthew grew up passionate about sports, particularly wrestling. He started wrestling at a young age and quickly gained recognition for his talent and hard work. Throughout his high school years, Matthew worked hard to become one of the best wrestlers in Washington. He won the state championship twice and set his sights on even bigger goals.

Matthew Ellis profile

Matthew attended Oregon State University on a wrestling scholarship. He twice became team captain and competed at the NCAA National Championships three times. He also won the PAC-10 championship in 2004 and was the runner-up in 2005. Matthew always retained his academic goals despite his success on the mat. He graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies. He went on to pursue a career in teaching and coaching.

Matthew’s coaching career began at Stanford University, where he served as an assistant wrestling coach. During his time at Stanford, Matthew worked with some of the best wrestlers in the country. He helped guide the team to several victories. However, Matthew knew that he wanted to make a more significant impact on the lives of young people. In 2007, Matt graduated from the University of Cumberlands with a Master’s in Arts of Teaching. He decided to pursue a career in education and earned a Professional Teaching Certificate from Washington State University.

Matthew Ellis started teaching in 2008 as a Social Studies teacher at Grandview School District in Grandview, Washington. Throughout his time at Grandview School District, Matthew gained valuable experience and developed a passion for teaching. He enjoyed working with students and helping them grow academically and personally. Matthew also collaborated with other teachers and administrators to improve the overall education experience for the students.

Matthew was appointed High School Principal of the Royal School District in Royal City, Washington, in 2013. He was renowned for his strong leadership abilities and passion for improving his students’ educational experience. He collaborated closely with teachers and staff to design programs and initiatives to enable students to succeed academically and personally. Under his guidance, the school saw an uptick in student achievement while decreasing disciplinary issues.

In 2018, Prosser School District offered Matthew the opportunity to serve as its Superintendent. He jumped at the chance to make a difference in the lives of the students and his community. As Superintendent, Matthew has focused on creating a positive and supportive environment for students to learn and grow. He has also worked to improve the district’s academic programs and increase student achievement.

Matthew has prioritized creating a positive and supportive environment for students. To do this, he made collective ownership of achievement through data-driven planning with principals and teachers. Additionally, he refined embedded professional development programs by implementing adult learning plans associated with school improvement plans. Matthew also implemented intervention programs for struggling high school students and support services for new employee induction and mentoring – all of which have contributed to improved academic programs and increased student achievement across the district.

In an exciting development for the Tillamook School District, Matthew Ellis has been appointed as the new superintendent, starting in May 2023. Ellis brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having served as the superintendent of the Prosser School District for the past five years. Known for his dedication to educational excellence and student achievement, Ellis is eager to contribute his expertise to the Tillamook community. With his proven track record of leadership and a passion for empowering students and educators, Ellis is poised to positively impact the district’s educational programs and foster a thriving learning environment for all students. Under Matthew Ellis’s guidance and leadership, the Tillamook School District is enthusiastic about the future.